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At Talent Logix we deliver a uniquely comprehensive range of online recruitment and human resource solutions – solutions which acknowledge that the way an organisation selects, recruits and treats its people will affect both the calibre of its candidates and the productivity of its workforce.

Getting to know your business

Beginning with an in-depth consultancy, we start by making it our business to get to know each client’s business. Our integrated applicant tracking systems are then configured around the specific requirements of that business, attracting and engaging those qualified candidates whose personalities and values match the client’s unique brand.

We offer two distinct options for businesses for managing their applications and recruitment online:

  • Use one of our tried and tested modular options
  • Commission a bespoke system specifically designed to meet the exact needs of the organisation and campaign
Whether we’re fast-tracking high-flyers, conducting psychometric testing for positions at every level or redirecting talent to more appropriate divisions of a business, every one of our bespoke application tracking system leads to the same ultimate outcome – a positive impression on the candidate, and a positive impression on the client’s commercial performance. The specialist services we offer include any combination of the following:

» Recruitment consultancy

» Vacancy management

» Applicant & Candidate management

» Agency management

» Online applications management & tracking

» Automated Telephone Interviewing

» Candidate talent banking

» Management information

» HR alignment & on-boarding

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of individual solutions enables our clients to choose exactly the right components for their campaign, either using our process from start to finish or ‘cherry-picking’ key modules to build a bespoke e-recruitment and application tracking solution.

Above all, at Talent Logix we understand that whether recruiting for a single role or managing a large-scale volume campaign, the ‘lifecycle’ of recruitment must be robust, consistent and fair.

Recruitment consultancy

Our first step and the real key to a successful recruitment campaign. Every one of our collaborations begins with a two-way consultancy designed to ensure that we thoroughly understand the campaign’s objectives and brief. Only once we’ve completed this consultancy can we then recommend an approach that will deliver the results you demand.

Vacancy management

Our user-friendly Vacancy Management system allows you to create details on specific vacancies to ensure they are listed on both corporate careers pages and job boards.  It’s a system which attracts the very best available applicants talent from as broad a market place as possible.

Candidate management

Applicants can submit online and / or telephone based applications with ease and simplicity, enjoying a well-managed application experience as well as continual feedback regarding the status of their application. Internal resources can effectively schedule and manage candidates when converting them to meet with the business direct, all the time improving on candidate care, communication, engagement, correspondence and above all, professionalism.

Agency management

Candidates represented by recruitment agencies are also smoothly and effortlessly managed, ensuring their experiences are consistent with those of candidates applying direct and also reflect well on your brand.  The superior functionality of the system allows you to track both agency candidates and direct candidates, in order to eliminate duplication and miscommunication in their processing.

Online application solution

Available on demand, this web-based solution enables candidates to search for jobs of particular interest to them on an employer’s careers website, before applying online for any available job. Candidates can email a job’s details to friends and at any stage save their application to be completed later.

Automated Telephone Interviewing

When it comes to recruitment in today’s fast-paced world, speed, flexibility and ease of use are the key factors that will attract the widest possible number of applications for the positions you need to fill. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our Automated Telephone Interviewing solutions can revolutionise your recruitment process by making it quick and simple for candidates to apply for positions by phone, and at a time or location that suits them. What’s more, by accelerating the application process Automated Telephone Interviewing reduces the time your vacancies remain unfilled, meaning improved commercial efficiency, operational performance and staff morale, while reducing expenditure on overtime.

With our Automated Telephone Interviewing solutions, touchtone and voice recognition technology record and validate candidate information in ‘real time’, allowing for the creation of electronic applications featuring sound files which accurately present the candidate’s responses as they were given. Recruiters are given a clear insight into an individual candidate’s spoken communication skills, an indispensable tool when it comes to choosing the right candidate for the job, especially for client-facing roles and that involving customer service. Automated Telephone Interviewing serves as a convenient and efficient way to perform a crucial initial screening of candidates, allowing recruiters to accurately handpick those applicants they consider suitable for face-to-face interviews.

The benefits of Automated Telephone Interviewing couldn’t be more relevant to the management of a simple, effective and uniquely user-friendly recruitment campaign:

  • Toll-free telephone applications encourage a wider response
  • Target different candidate pools with easily created job hotlines
  • Offer immediate candidate file access to hiring managers
  • Accurately capture open-ended responses in sound files
  • Provide universal access for all candidates by phone
  • Perfect for handling high-volume recruitment needs quickly and efficiently

Selection & assessment

Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to accelerate, track and optimise your candidate’s application experiences through the use of online questionnaires or self-service style automated telephone interviews. Quick, effective, accurate and user friendly, these systems mean dramatic improvements in efficiency and leave candidates with a lasting and overwhelmingly positive impression of your brand.

Using the latest tried-and-tested technology candidates can be assessed in a number of different ways at every stage of the application process, from online quizzes, exercises and psychometric assessment’s right through to specific ‘essential’ questions and the creation of ‘real time’ sound files from recorded responses.  Candidates can be assessed for key competencies and their suitability for a specific role, making this the perfect system for initial screening and the selection of those individuals most appropriate for face-to-face interviewing.

Talent & best practice banking

Our systems also serve as an efficient and highly accessible knowledge bank, perfect for archiving information on recruitment best practice and resourcing methodologies.  Such information forms an essential aid for any recruitment manager requiring proven techniques for the successful evaluation of candidates in a new campaign.  Stored material might typically include example interview questions, assessment centre exercises and feedback on effective incentive methods or retention issues.

Even if a promising candidate doesn’t exactly match the role you’re offering at the time, that’s not to say they won’t prove an asset to your business in the future.  That’s why talent banking also allows you to retain the details of talented individuals whose qualities are likely to make them suitable for future roles within the business.  With their permission, information on those candidates can be securely stored within the talent bank and used in conjunction with our system’s online CV ‘key word search’ facility. What’s more, communication vehicles within the system will enable you to maintain contact with the talent bank in order to communicate common issues and future employment opportunities.

Management information & reporting

Effective tracking plays a crucial role in every client’s drive for improvement, whether that tracking is based on cost or time to hire, or focused upon issues such as process development, tools and techniques.  At Talent Logix we know that a real understanding of recruitment success and its commercial implications comes from analysing, communicating and acting upon the results of accurate reporting, and that’s why these are all functions which our systems actively promote.

HR alignment & on-boarding

The integration of recruitment into the wider service of HR is a major prerequisite of a seamless process, and this facility is focused on integrating that link to existing HR systems and payroll, in addition to on-boarding and induction programmes.

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